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Pingunauten Trainer
Our mobile VR App to prepare for MRI scans has been nominated for the DCP 2020! Read more...
In our MATS project, we develop a mobile attention training software for children with ADHD.
Learn about our research project "Multi-User Virtual Reality Experience for Retail" here.
Our project fights children's fear in MRI scanners with VR games.


We focus on fundamental as well as applied research in the field of Entertainment Computing. Our core expertise is grounded in computer science, multimedia technology and applied psychology. We investigate two main areas: Game Design/Game Development and the correlation between playing and learning. Research topics include creating and evaluating user experience, 3D virtual reality and stereoscopic environments, intelligent tools for the creation and design of interactive worlds and interactive stories, and novel 2D and 3D user interfaces for gaming and non-gaming applications. Many of our projects interweave these fields in serious games or gamification approaches and often address user groups with special affordances like children or elderly people.

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The group’s approach aims both at academic excellence as well as applicability to commercial solutions. We are engaged in projects performed in collaboration with various partners and supporters. Working closely together with game developers, producers, and technology providers, they provide their network with fresh ideas and technical innovations through joint research projects as well as through the support of startups and excellence initiatives.

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The courses taught by the Entertainment Computing Group cover a broad range from fundamentals of interactive applications and game development, including programming and media creation basics up to more advanced techniques taught at Master’s level. Additionally, students are supported in practicing what they have learned through a large number of research projects and seminars, often resulting in innovative interaction concepts and game prototypes. Providing a basic understanding of application and interaction design through the example of digital games is at the heart of this group’s teaching.

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