In the context of our main research “human centered cyber physical systems” our team focuses on how digital games can be used in the medical context to establish sufferable examinations and to support promising therapies. Therefor on the one hand we use motivational aspects of digital games to create incentives to facilitate physical rehabilitation training after stationary treatment. On the other hand, we take advantage of the positive concentration effects games and modern virtual reality systems offer to mask fear inducing stress factors and thus ensure endurable examinations.

To realize these research projects, we work with modern digital (VR)-systems and develop based on empirical cognitive findings human centered systems. Thus, to statistically evaluate the efficacy and acceptance of our developments we use qualitative as well as quantitative analytical methods in laboratory- and field studies to analyze cognitive as well as physiological data.               



    Digital media open up new potentials in the areas of knowledge transfer, information provision and management, learning support, communication, and entertainment in the care of children and...

  • MATS

        Development of a mobile attention training software to support the therapy of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) ADHD is a mental developmental...