Great news: Our paper The Influence of Virtual Agents on Player Experience and Performance presented by Katharina Emmerich at CHIPLAY 2016 was awarded as the best paper of the conference! We are happy to receive the Best Paper Award, especially given the high quality of all submissions and the great works in competition.  read more ››

New Project: VR-RLX


Our new research project "VR-RLX" in cooperation with our Partners LAVAlabs Moving Images, Unversitätsklinikum Essen, MRI-STaR and Medintec, is about using Virtual Reality technology to reduce stress and anxiety of children during medical treatments. We believe in an innovative use of entertainment technology for the improvement of the healthcare and the subjective comfort of the patient while reducing potential risks. Therefore developing effective strategies to reduce anxiety and stress by identifying and implementing immersive media will be the main task for the core concept of this future-oriented project. For more information please check our "projects" section. Here you can find the official press release (german).  read more ››

This week Katharina Emmerich is attending the CHIPLAY Conference in Austin, Texas! CHIPLAY is the largest conference focusing on research regarding digital games and a great forum to discuss current trends and research results in the field of entertainment computing and digital games. Katharina will present her current work on social effects related to virtual agents in digital games within her presentation of her paper “The Influence of Virtual Agents on Player Experience and Performance” today (17th October 2016). The paper is available in the ACM digital library and free to download for one year, so have a look if you are interested at the topic!  read more ››