Starting with the summer term 2019, we renew the process for thesis application at our research group. If you consider writing your thesis at ECG, please check the updated Requests for Supervision page. We now request applicants to write a short exposé about their preferred topic in advance. Soon, we will add some examples on our website, too. If you have any questions about the new process in advance, feel free to contact any of our team members.  read more ››

Maic Masuch presented the potential of computer graphics in paediatrics and youth medicine at the second symposium of paediatric research at the University of Leipzig on the March 2, 2019. Among other things, he surprised the audience with video games to sensitize young cancer patients in taking their medication, to make victims of fire forget their pain while re-bandaging, to take away childrens fear of a MRI scan in a playful way, or to enable the experience of social interaction in spite of depression. Read the full news article (german) here.  read more ››

Pingunauts on Air!


Yesterday, the local TV channel WDR broadcasted a TV report about our MRI training app "Pingunauten Trainer"! The WDR Lokalzeit Ruhr team visited us in our lab as well as Dr. Oliver Basu at the Essen University Hospital (UKE). At the UKE they talked to young Leonie and her mother about how our app helped her to overcome her fear and pass a relaxed and trouble-free MRI scan. We love to hear stories like Leonie's which boost our motivation to continue our mission! Watch the full clip here:  read more ››