Visit us at "Tag der Ingenieurwissenschaften"


On September 30th the faculty of engineering opens the labs for anybody who is interested - be it former or future students, families and friends as well as interested citizens. Out chair will also be represented and will offer the possibility of experiencing AR and VR technology:

Advancing technology now makes AR and VR suitable for use at home. With a little space, the living room can become a jungle, a desert fortress, or a fairy-tale castle. What seems like a gimmick at first glance, however, offers possibilities that the Chair of Entertainment Computing has been pursuing and researching since the development of VR technology. For example, the wireless VR headset Meta Quest offers the possibility of turning the living room into a fitness studio in a highly entertaining way. Exergames - games controlled by movement - make exercise and fitness fun and easy. AR and VR technology enables an immersive experience that puts fun at the forefront.

Our chair will present research results in the form of a newly developed exergame. Come visit us and find out how much fun exercise can be!

The rest of the program can be found here.