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Digital media open up new potentials in the areas of knowledge transfer, information provision and management, learning support, communication, and entertainment in the care of children and adolescents suffering from cancer, especially with regard to dealing with the psychosocial needs of young patients.

The LOUISA project which is funded by the Gert und Susanna Mayer Stiftung aims at creating a patient centered infotainment system which opens up access to a new form of individualized medicine for children suffering from cancer and thus can sustainably improve patient care. 

The basic characteristic of the system will focus on offering individualized information and access to learning materials, hospital navigation, and simulations of medical examinations.

One key element of the system will be the system-wide integration of a usage concept which is oriented towards motivating aspects of digital games. Thus, we hope to create and sustain a high motivation and thus to enable a long-term use of the system which benefits the young patients as well as the medical staff. To achieve this, our work will focus on creating a motivational concept and implementing a prototype which is evaluated with focus group tests during the whole development process. 

Project Funding

Gefördert von der Gert und Susanna Mayer Stiftung

Unterstützt durch die Stiftung der Universitätsmedizin Essen