Multi-User Virtual Reality Experience for Retail 

Together with our partner, we aim at creating a virtual reality (VR) environment for the presentation, exploration, and live adaptation of retail systems with multiple users. For access to a room-scale VR environment, head-mounted displays will be used. Thus, the envisioned environment provides a collaborative virtual space that addresses specific user needs within the business case at hand. Thereby, the scenario must ensure easy entry, onboarding, and exit processes since it focuses on non-professional VR users.

Besides the development of a technological prototype, the Entertainment Computing Group is specifically assigned to develop game-inspired interaction techniques, that enhance the usability and user experience among users. More specifically, we want to identify guidelines, to grant pleasurable multi-user interaction and storytelling in VR. These guidelines shall ensure technology acceptance and user motivation for enthusiasts and inexperienced VR users alike.

This project involves setting up a multi-user VR lab to research into general paradigms of multi-user interaction within co-located as well as distributed scenarios. The research includes questions on usability, user experience, and user guidance for the specific VR scenario.

The project MUVER is a cooperation with Diebold Nixdorf Systems GmbH.



Project Funding

This project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE).