Gesturebased VR Interaction Design

The goal of this project is the development of gesture based interaction concepts for Virtual Reality applications. In close collaboration with our partners Pixelkontor and teamcrossmedia, we elaborate innovative ways to interact naturally in VR presentations created with the present4D suite. Therefore, we experiment with state of the art VR hardware such as the VR headset Oculus Rift and in conjunction with the Leap Motion gesture controller.  

We, the Entertainment Computing Group, design interaction concepts for core functions of the software, and implement a prototype in order to evaluated user experience, learnability, and practicability. We focus a scientifically and empirically validated innovative interaction design and create a  sophisticated library for the recognition of different gestures in Unity. As the Leap Motion should not be the only gesture controller supported, we design use a modular software structure, which can easily be extended by other sensors. The project is a great first step into the yet unexplored field of modern VR interaction design.