Serious Game for Dental Health

The research project Serious Game for Dental Health runs in cooperation with the clinic for stomatology of the Freiburg University Hospital and adds the field of Serious Games to the research area of our workgroup.

The goal of the project is to conceptualize an innovative learning game, which motivates children at the age of eight to twelve years to perform teeth and oral hygiene improving activities on a regular basis.

In addition to an increased feeling regarding their self-efficacy, the game should impart wide factual knowledge concerning coherencies among nutrition and the condition of the oral flora as well as an overview on different possibilities to improve the oral hygiene.

Within the context of the project an implementation of possible interaction scenarios by using the Nintendo WiiMote was realized. Students of the master degree course Applied Cognitive and Media Science were involved during the process.

Besides, the development of a playable prototype was successfully completed in October 2009. Visual Studio in combination with Game Studio 3.0 act as the development environment for the project. Furthermore, after the prototype development was completed, a continuation of the project in context of a clinical evaluation study by the Freiburg University Hospital is planned.