Can You Hear the Player Experience? A Pipeline for Automated Sentiment Analysis of Player Speech


This project is a technological pipeline to automate the recording and analysis of player speech data in the evaluation of player experience. The pipeline generates a heatmap that visualizes where the players in the virtual environment have made positive, negative, and neutral statements. Moreover, the heatmap provides spatiotemporal information of in-game events, as well as interactive features like filters and modifiers.

We used an architecture, that covers the processes of data tracking, sentiment analysis, and data presentation. They include the architecture’s setup within the source code of the application that is tested, the sentiment analysis, and an application for data visualization. Currently, we realized these modules as a package for the Unity game engine, two Python classifiers, and a NodeJS web server that hosts a NoSQL MongoDB database, and a Typescript web application based on the React framework. We share these ressources and invite others to use and adapt them for their individual purposes.