Creating a Virtual Reality Playground


LF 125, GamesLab


Tuesday, 12:00 - 14:00


Lab Course (Praxisprojekt)



2016 marks a milestone in the history of Virtual Reality. Many big players announced the release of their VR-headsets for in consumers, which are highly anticipated especially in the gaming sector. In line with this new trend, research in VR-related topics increases. Whereas next generation VR-systems are a huge step forward in comparison to earlier approaches, they still suffer from several technical limitations (e.g. necessary processing power, wires, and input devices).

This lab course (Praxisprojekt) focuses on the adjustment of the facilities of the Entertainment Computing Group in order to create a space for VR research. We want to develop a VR playground to provide a new VR experience to people. That is, we need to optimize usability and to create engaging new scenarios like tangible interfaces. The room should become a playground for a mixed reality game, which is to develop within this course as well. The project combines elements and ideas of the d.i.y. / maker trend with installations and VR-programming.

Participating students should be highly engaged and fascinated by the projectís idea. You need to be highly motivated and capable of finding creative solutions for diverse problems. You should be able to develop your own ideas and realize them.


The course is open for students in Komedia and Applied Computer Science. Good programming skills are mandatory. Technical skills and craftsmanship arenít necessary but appreciated.
The cours is limited to 12 Komedia-students and 4 students in BAI.