Digital Games Research (WS 20/21)


Moodle (Online Course)


Monday, 14-16





This lecture focuses on hot topics and the state-of-the-art in digital games research. We will examine digital games from the different perspectives of game design research, social and media psychology. Further, we dive into new technological advances and trends in computer entertainment. Digital Games Research complements the masters lecture Game Architecture and Design which focuses on the practical parts or designing and developing digital games. However, this lecture provides insight into research about and with digital games.

Our course concept is in line with the basic steps of scientific work in the domain of computer entertainment research. We will run through the process of the preparation and submission of a scientific paper to a course internal conference where the respective publications will be presented orally.

Please note: This course will take place exclusively online in winter term 20/21. There will be no classroom appointments at the university. The lecture will take place LIVE in BigBlueButton according to the latest planning. As in previous years, a high proportion of practical work in teams is nevertheless expected from the participants.

To participate in the course, you have to register in advance via LSF. Only then you will receive the necessary access information by mail.

Target Audience

MA Komedia, MAI


  • Date
  • Room
  • Supervisor
  • Monday, 16-18
  • online
  • Ida Schaffeld, B.Sc.