Game Architecture and Design (SS 21)




Thursday, 14:00 - 16:00 (c.t.)




The department of Media and Computer Science and Entertainment Computing offers the lecture Game Architecture and Design for the fifth time. The fundamentals of both topics, Game Architecture and Game Design, form the content of the lecture. Beyond that an insight in processes and proceedings of the games industry is given.
The learnt knowledge can be applied to the prototypic implementation of one’s own game project, which will be produced with Unity3D.
The topics of the lecture contain the following thematic priorities:

  • Game Production and Project Engineering
  • Theoretical foundations of Game Design
  • Game Interface Design
  • Gameplay and Game Balance
  • Interactive Storytelling and Character Development

Please note that the attendance is limited to 25 participants.

No pre-registration is necessary.

The kick-off meeting took place on 15.04.21 at 14:15. If you missed the meeting, but still want to take the course, write a mail to until 16.04.21 18:00 at the latest. A later participation is no longer possible due to the then already started group work!


  • basic programming skills
  • willingness to become acquainted with new application development systems
  • good english skills

Target Audience

MA Komedia, MAI