Heartrate Gaming


LB 113


Tuesday, 14:00 - 16:00


Lab Course (Praxisprojekt)



This project aims at creating a room-scale VR exergame. Exergames are digital games which are controlled by body movements. Since the physical constitution highly differs between players, exergames need to adapt the game’s difficulty to the player’s ability. One possible approach for this intent is to continuously measure the player’s heartrate during the gameplay and make the game harder or easier if the heart rate is too low or too high. Thus, the player can always exercise on a stable level. This adaption can either be done by an automatic algorithm or by another player, who is observing the exergame and can manipulate the game. In this project the exergame as well as all assets will be created and implemented. Further, the heartrate, which will be measured by a pulse belt will be integrated into the game. Both adaption approaches will be conceptualized and implemented using the Game Engine Unity 3D and C#.

Kick-Off Date: 09.04.19, 14:15

The Kick-Off slides can be found here: https://uni-duisburg-essen.sciebo.de/s/FOyF6UiY1q0gH4k


Good programming skills and the willingness to learn how to develop with the game engine Unity and the programming language C#.

Target Audience

BA Komedia, BAI