Lost in Space: Designing Interactive Stories in Virtual Reality


LE 333




Lab Course (Forschungsprojekt)



Modern Virtual Reality-Systems are able to immerse players into fictional worlds and experience digital stories and adventures right in the middle of what is happening. But how must virtual worlds be designed and how have the stories to be told in order to use the full potential of this technology? How can the user be guided by design without letting him feel restricted? Which audiovisual cues can be used to guide the player's attention without breaking the illusion? Which narrative elements make the player become part of the story?
This master's lab course tries to answer questions in the fields of (interactive) storytelling, level design, VR user experience design and VR interface/interaction design. Psychological theories of attention, curiosity, game experience, game flow, presence and immersions are necessary basic foundations. Objectives

  • Research and Best-Practice-Analysis of existing approaches and games
  • Formulation of psychological and technical design guidelines
  • Prototype development for demonstration and evaluation


Participants need sound expertise in the disciplines mentioned above and bring an interest in discussion and practical as well as theoretical science.

Target Audience

Master Komedia, Master Angewandte Informatik