Multimedia Systems (WS 22/23)


LB 131


Friday, 12:00 - 02:00 pm (c.t.)





The lecture deals with Multimedia Systems including required Multimedia-Technologies and application development systems and deepens selected technologies for digital Media. Single fields of application of particular importance, for example advanced web-technologies, CSCW, virtual reality, and education-/learning-systems are presented. As a prime example for complex multimedia-systems games are a continuous area of application in the lecture and will be deepened. The lecture contains the following:

  • Interactive multimedia-systems
  • real-time-techniques and parallelism
  • Multimedia-programming environments
  • Process models and quality assurance in multimedia-engineering
  • 2D/3D computer graphics
  • Algorithms for real-time-graphics
  • Shader-programming and realism in computer graphics
  • Animation
  • Multimedia-Interfaces
  • Sound and music
  • Web 2.0 and Computer Supported Cooperative Work
  • E-Learning, Serious Games Learning targets

The students get fundamental knowledge of structure and functionality of multimedia systems and deepened acknowledgement of media basic modules. They get to know authoring tools and methods for multimedia-applications and have the ability to project, design and develop applications such as learning- and information-systems or entertaining environments. Further the course emphasizes practical skills for the development of interactive multimedia-applications in a given framework. The participants acquire skills to self-contained work on development-exercises in a team.

Target Audience

Bachelor Komedia, Bachelor AI, Bachelor Medizintechnik