Performance Anxiety Prevention Program for Primary Schools


Wednesday, 14:00 - 16:00


Lab Course (Forschungsprojekt)


Performance anxiety is a relevant but barely regarded topic in schools although up to twenty percent of the students are affected by it. In consequence of the anxiety symptoms limited cognitive skills could be mentioned as an example. The basic school has a position in the beginning of the development of students, which includes the change of a playful up to a formalized pedagogy and the implementation of an easily comparable grade feedback. The early change of the school form and the increasing importance of good to very good educational achievements are additional beneficial stressors. The design and technically oriented lab course builds on wide preparatory work and has got the aim to develop and create a multimedia digital game-based learning program, which could be used in classrooms. In an interdisciplinary team, consisting of school psychologists, authors of textbooks and educationalists, digital and analogue material should be tested in the context of lessons in the third and fourth grade. Particular attention is attached to the requirements and roles of teachers and parents.


- interest in the research- and field of work game-based learning - programming, especially web technologies - good sense for design - passion for the context school and HCI for kids

Target Audience

Master Komedia, Master Angewandte Informatik