Praxisprojekt WS 20/21 - Exert Yourself!



03.11.20 10:15 Uhr


Lab Course (Praxisprojekt)


This project focuses on how an everyday heavy object can be integrated into a VR exergame in order to make the game more strenuous. Exergames are digital games that are controlled by body movements. Although these games are fun, they are no substitute for a real workout, because they usually do not generate enough exertion. Exactly this problem will be tackled with the approach of this project. The tasks of the project include the review of already existing applications as well as the conception and implementation of a VR exergame with the game engine Unity in the programming language C#. In this project 10 Komedia students and 4 BAI students will be able to participate. The participants of the Komedia study program have already been drawn. The project will therefore be presented to BAI students on a date in the first week of the lecture period (2.11 - 8.11). If there are more than four interested students, we will have to draw lots for the participants. The date for the presentation will be announced here on this page.

The kick-off of the project will take place on 03.11.20 at 10:15 a.m. under the following link:


Good programming skills and the willingness to learn how to develop with the game engine Unity and the programming language C#.

Target Audience

BA Komedia, BAI