Social VR in Everyday-Life - an Autobiographic Pilot Study


This will be a hybrid lab-remote course.


Lab Course (Forschungsprojekt)



UPDATE 13th of October:

There is still opportunity to attend the project. If you were not able to attend the initial information session, please contact Philipp Sykownik via mail.

In a team you will develop and test-run a long-term survey of Social VR experiences in your personal everyday life. Following the approach of autobiographical landscape research, you will theoretically and practically get to know different facets of commercial Social VR applications. Thereby, you will systematically document and evaluate your own experiences using qualitative as well as quantitative methods. In doing so, you will identify best practices in this type of study implementation that will be implemented in future research projects of our research group. In addition to the methodological perspective, you will also take a conceptual and developmental perspective. Based on your personal experiences, you will develop and prototype interaction concepts that illustrate how social experiences in VR can provide extensions to face-to-face experiences.


- requires openness to register for and use Social VR applications like RecRoom, Altspace VR, VR Chat, and facebook horizon workrooms to use them on the Oculus Quest (v1) VR headset - existing facebook account is beneficial, as well as a capable wireless internet connection at home - openness to systematically reflect on personal social experiences during virtual social encounters with other team members or strangers in the applications

Target Audience

MA Komedia, MAI