Spielerisches Training kognitiver Fähigkeiten für Kinder mit ADHS


LK 052


12:00 -14:00


Lab Course (Praxisprojekt)


Kick-Off Date: 15.10.19, 12:15 LK 052

The aim of the project is to develop a digital game for the training of executive functions for children with ADHD. As research could detect a positive correlation between motor performance and executive functions (Ziereis & Jansen, 2016) the aim of this lab course is to evaluate the research question if it is possible to combine the training of motor and cognitive abilities in one game. For this purpose, the input possibilities for interaction with tablets should be used and varied in order to investigate to what extent the degree of movement (e.g. rotate the tablet) has an influence on the training of executive functions.


Good programming skills and the willingness to learn how to develop with the game engine Unity and the programming language C#.

Target Audience

BA Komedia, BAI