VR Fit in Space - VR fitness training for long-term missions in space


LK 51


Thursday 12-2 pm


Lab Course (Praxisprojekt)



UPDATED 21.09.22: Kick-Off Date: Thursday, October 13th, 12-2 pm, LK 51

BAI students:

If you are interested, please register without obligation at philipp.sykownik@uni-due.de. On 13.10. you will then attend the kick-off meeting and then decide by 14.10. whether you want to participate in the project.

Under weightlessness, astronauts lose muscle strength and endurance very quickly. Regular training is also very important psychologically. For long-term missions on the ISS or future flights to the moon or Mars, astronauts therefore have to train intensively for more than two hours every day. Even for highly motivated astronauts, it is very difficult to find the motivation to do this every day. Virtual reality could help here as a motivator.

How can virtual reality environments support fitness training in zero gravity? You will try to answer the following questions: What training in space can be enriched with VR and how? Types of cardio and strength training in zero gravity with VR goggles? What aspects can exergames contribute for long-term motivation?

Target Audience

BSc Komedia, BSc Angewandte Informatik