Creating an Embodied Learning Experience for Students in Virtual Reality


Lab Course (Forschungsprojekt)


To participate, please send an application (with your Matrikelnummer and field of study) to Marius Grießhammer.

Kick-Off Date & Room: Thursday, 11.04.2024, 3pm in LE327.

In recent years, students´ academic performance in Germany has been declining (Stanat et al., 2022). According to the latest PISA study, the performance was the lowest since the beginning of its data collection (OECD, 2023), a development which cannot be explained solely by the closing of schools during the COVID-19 pandemic (Stanat et al., 2022; OECD, 2023). Studies also report school-induced stress and anxiety among students (Hansen et al., 2023) as well as a decrease in motivation (Schneider et al., 2022). One innovative approach to address these issues is to use digital learning applications to improve motivation and reduce anxiety. Embodied learning, meaning an active involvement of sensor-motoric senses in learning experiences, could also be an alternative to conventional approaches. Here, virtual reality (VR) applications could have much potential, combining the ability to move in (virtual) spaces with all the possibilities of implementing a fun, involving, and immersive learning environment.

In this research course, students will develop concepts for embodied learning in VR and implement them into a prototype for Meta Quest with the Unity game engine in a group of master students. The focus will be on the concept of an embodied, playful learning experience for pupils, which will be evaluated during a user study.

Target Audience

MA Komedia, MAI