User Experience und Design Guidelines in Virtual Reality


Lab Course (Praxisprojekt)



The metaverse is everywhere and we play Beat Saber in the living room. Hundreds of YouTube videos of spectacular and costly accidents tell a different story. Despite the hype as an emerging technology, virtual reality is still in its infancy in many areas. Important aspects have not yet been researched, in particular the comprehensive effect of various design elements and their interaction on the user experience. The aim of the practical project is to explore the complex interplay of different user experiences - from a realistic perspective. In order to get to know and identify the influence of different variables, part of the project will consist of our own VR experience. This will involve getting to know various aspects of VR games and the corresponding questionnaires from the user’s perspective. The findings will then be bundled into a dedicated application that will allow various parameters to be adjusted and researched in a targeted manner. The kick-off is on April 9th from 12-2pm in LK 051.


keine starke Cyber-Sickness

Target Audience

Bachelor Komedia & B-AI