Thesis Application Process

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  • Once you decided that you wish to write your bachelor’s or master’s thesis at our research group, send an e-mail to our team assistance Ms. Hilka Roseneit. This letter of interest must include information about your preferred topic or research area. Check our “Tendered Theses”-section on this website and the main research areas of our team members for guidance. Additionally, your mail must contain information about your preferred start of work as well as your transcript of records including information on the number of attempts for each exam (i.e. NOT the "Bewerbernotenspiegel"). Please make sure that your Letter of Interest is only one PDF file which includes your cover letter and all of the information mentioned at the bottom of the page. To do this, merge the individual parts listed below, which make up the Letter of Interest, with an appropriate tool like:
  • We process each letter of interest in our team meeting and decide whether we have the necessary resources and open topics to match your preferences and time constraints. This might take up to 2-3 weeks. Usually, we receive much more applications than we could supervise.
  • If we have supervision resources and a fitting topic for you, you will receive an invitation for a first interview with one of our team members. We will present you the topic as well as further information about the following process. This process is intended as a mutual dialogue.
  • Still interested in the proposed topic, you write an exposé that describes the topic and your ideas. Send your exposé as PDF via E-Mail to your future supervisor. For more information about the exposé click here. Note, the quality of your exposé will be the basis for our decision whether we will supervise your thesis or not. This is not an iterative process, so make sure your submission is of your best possible quality.
  • Once we decided to supervise your thesis, you will work on a target agreement. The target agreement comprises a detailed project plan and feature log of your future thesis. We help you to define the extend of your work and make sure that it can be accomplished within time.
  • You are all set! We will register your thesis and you can officially start your work.


Checklist for your Letter of Interest

Please include the following information.

  • Preferred topic or research area
  • Time contraints
  • Programming skills, relevant software-skills, projects (also “Praxis-“ and “Forschungsprojekte”), internships, etc.
  • Side jobs
  • Transcript of Records
  • Pending requests for supervision at other research groups (this won’t affect your chances!)



Important: Make sure to contact us via your official University of Duisburg-Essen email address.