Bachelor's Thesis

A technical setup for the manipulation of immersive and contextual properties of presence in multi-user VR


Maxim Renz

Processing Period:

13.05.2019 - 12.08.2019


This thesis deals with the research question of whether local multiplayer experience can be simulated in remote virtual reality using consumer hardware & software, and how various factors, in certain variants, influence the social, self- & spatial presence of users. This thesis focuses on the conception and implementation of a Seated Experience in Room-Scale VR as an online multi-user system for two users. In order to make the VR setting as comparable as possible to the real setting, trackers are used in the VR setting, and an Xbox controller is always used as the input device. By planning, organizing, and conducting usability tests with 2 test persons, the usability of the application is to be ensured, and the influencing factors on spatial and social presence determined. If possible, the tests will be evaluated using questionnaires and image/sound recordings and accompanied by subsequent discussion rounds. Also, a literature reference will be made to the state of presence research with a focus on social presence.