Bachelor's Thesis

A Virtual Reality Solution for Stress Research: Development of a VR-Application for Experimental Investigation of the Induction of Anticipatory Stress.


Linda Graf

Processing Period:

05.12.2016 - 05.03.2017


Within this bachelor thesis a tool will be implemented with which one can realise the induction of stress in a Virtual Reality (VR); a VR supported method to assist the stress research in a psychological experiment. The focus of this work will be on the induction of stress in VR. To verify the induction of stress a stress measurement is necessary. This will be examined within a scientific study with two groups (N = 50). One group will have the induction of stress in and the other outside the VR. Afterwards the stress level will be measured by qualitative and quantitative, as well as physiological methods. In the end of the experiment the participants will play a stress reducing, commercial VR game. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to evaluate, if an induction of stress is even possible in a Virtual Reality. Thereby it is very important to design a virtual tool that gives the user the chance to interact or even act within the VR. The vision of the project is to enable that participants can go through the whole experiment in VR one day.