Bachelor's Thesis

Acquisition and analysis of eye tracking data for concentration enhancing games.


Jacky James Chi Quan


Processing Period:

25.02.2020 - 29.06.2020


The goal of this bachelor thesis is the development of a connection between the Eye Tracker Tobii Pro Spectrum 300Hz and the Unity Engine. The focus will be on implementing a use case scenario regarding people and children with ADHD. Therefore, a virtual game world will be developed like in many entertainment commercial programs where the user is exposed toward different aspects like sound and visual art (Klein & Ettinger, 2019). While the user is experiencing the game world, data about his eye position and focus on areas of the screen is being collected and stored. This data should be transformed in a way, that the developers or test leader can interpret them easier. An example would be the creation of heatmaps to show how long a specific area has been focused by the user.