Diploma Thesis

Authoring-Umgebung zur Erstellung und Modellierung von Dialogen durch Experten


Christopher Boelmann

Processing Period:

29.11.2010 - 29.05.2011


During the development of digital games, team members from many different disciplines are involved. Thus a development team consists of programmers, designers and artists. A relatively new role is the game writer, who is responsible for the creation of narrative content. The Integration of authors in the development process can cause many common problems, that result out of the professional backgrounds of the game writer and out of the lack of a standardized exchange format for narrative content.

Therefore, this thesis will examine how a standardized exchange format for narrative content can be designed and what requirements a tool for creating narrative content has to meet. Particular attention is paid to the aspect of creating dialogues for digital games, as the exchange between authors and the development team regarding dialogue content is particularly cumbersome. The tool is designed to meet the authors and the development teams needs in the same way. For this purpose a data model for game dialogue is designed, according to existing authoring tools and the needs, that result in the game development process. Then, building on the data model, the user interface is designed containing two views on the data model for creating the dialogue. The views are based on the needs of authors and programmers. The concept includes a textual view for authors and a graphical view for programmers. Thereby the creation of dialogue content and the definition of the dialogue structure will be be clearly separated. A prototype implementation is finally reviewed, by using example dialogue scenarios.

Keywords: game writing, digital games, dialogue-system, authoring-environment