Master's Thesis

Development of a factors of success model for the use of game-based solutions in organizational context


Mirco Zick

Processing Period:

05.10.2015 - 05.04.2016


The usage of game-based solutions in companies is an innovative approach which runs through different phases and is related to several organizational levels. Such an approach shifts the organizational focus from pure efficiency to individual needs. Similar to other comparable new trends, the usage of such solutions goes along with changes of many kinds and – resulting from that – with uncertainty and lack of knowledge during the implementation of the change and beyond. Therefore the purpose of this thesis is to identify and describe several factors of success for the usage of game-based solutions in an organizational context. The resulting model of factors of success is meant to serve as an orientation guide for the integration of such solutions in the future. In order to achieve this, a general concept for the organizational context is designed at first. Afterwards several factors of success which might promote or foil the usage of game-based solutions are classified into this concept. The model of factors of success is based on a multi-level research and runs through a certain process of qualification. During this theoretical and practical findings are aggregated and finally the model is verified in collaboration with experts for Serious Games and Gamification.