Bachelor's Thesis

Development of a therapy-accompanying Virtual Reality Mental Health Game for depressive teenagers


Richard Schörner

Processing Period:

01.01.1970 - 07.10.2021


Depression is a serious mental illness that also affects many young people. Therapeutic interventions are numerous and well evaluated, but therapy places are scarce. More methods are needed to complement therapeutic care and thus also support progress. Virtual reality (VR) lends itself to this because of its closeness to reality, the experience of being present and the diverse possibilities that come with it. Initial research results show promise. In this thesis, a concept for a VR game to accompany therapy was developed. In cooperation with the young target group and experts who have a wealth of experience in dealing with the disease, the foundations for the concept of the game "My Little Cosmos" were created. The concept was supplemented by methods of tested procedures of behavioural therapy and contents of relevant research findings. The developed prototype was then evaluated in a focus group test. Three people from the target group tested it to give their first impression and to check the feasibility of the concept.