Bachelor's Thesis

Development of a VR application for an active break to promote movement and relaxation


Sophia Prehn

Processing Period:

10.01.2022 - 04.04.2022


Physical inactivity and stress are part of everyday life for a large part of the German population. At the same time, however, these are also serious risks to physical health and can have both short- and long-term consequences. Despite these, many people lack the motivation to counteract them. Coping options are also often not flexible enough and offer too little incentive. In the context of this work, an immersive VR application was developed, which in combination with a linear treadmill enables a virtual, relaxing walk in the forest. Integrated playful elements provide motivation for the user. The application is flexible and designed to use breaks in everyday life for this activity. A test with a focus group (N = 17) showed significant improvements in well-being through the use of the intervention as well as a high intrinsic motivation. A relaxation effect can also be assumed. Overall, the game was evaluated very positively, and the concept idea showed great promise, with high potential to promote physical activity and provide relaxation at the same time.