Bachelor's Thesis

Development of an adaptive VR application to reduce stress/anxiety by masking distracting ambient noise


Dennis Pohl

Processing Period:

14.11.2016 - 13.02.2017


The motivation of this work is to reduce stress and anxiety triggered by unpleasant ambient noise, especially in a medical context. The goal of this bachelor thesis is the development of an immersive virtual reality game, that features an adaptive environment. The focus will be on implementing an algorithm that will analyze the ambient noise, classify it and match it against a database of similar sounds which will be used for auditory masking. This algorithm drives the adaptive virtual world based on the ambient noise in the real world through generation of context sensitive events in the game world. The implementation of interactions in a naturally noisy environment in the virtual world, i.e. a construction site, will further engage and distract the player from the environmental noise in the real world.