Master's Thesis

Development of Game Mechanics as Motivators for Engaging in Voluntary Exertion in a Cooperative VR Exergame


Dennis Pohl

Processing Period:

01.09.2021 - 13.04.2022


Exergames can motivate physical activity in an entertaining way. Further, VR exergames show higher motivation and performance compared to non-VR exergames through increased immersion. Participants in exergame studies are rarely given the choice whether to exert effort, so little is known about the extent to which players would voluntarily engage in exertion. By increasing autonomy, voluntary exertion can increase enjoyment and performance. However, effectively motivating voluntary exertion is an open problem. Therefore, this thesis investigates the motivational potential of different mechanisms designed to motivate voluntary effort. For this purpose, a cooperative VR exergame that adaptively responds to player heart rates will be implemented. The motivational mechanisms will be tested in a concluding user study comprising 5-10 participants.