Diploma Thesis

Entwicklung einer betriebssystemunabhängigen, für Echtzeitspiele optimierten Netzwerkschnittstelle


Michael Mayer

Processing Period:

15.08.2010 - 15.02.2011


The development of network games represents a great challenge for application and game developers. This is especially true for network capability combined with other features like real-time or multiplatform capabilities. For one thing, each of these features possesses its own amount of problems, for another thing new problems arise out of a combination of these features, due to the increase complexity of the implementation.

The goal of this thesis is the implementation and evaluation of a multiplatform network interface for real-time games, which can be used by application developers without extensive knowledge in network programing. Unlike currently available solutions, every platform will receive a distinguished implementation to ensure platform-independency without denying the choice of environment by the developer. At this stage supported platforms are Microsoft Windows and devices of the Apple Company. As transport protocol, reliable UDP frequently used by peer-to-peer systems will be integrated, to further improve the message transmission efficiency and performance of real-time games.

The developed network interface has been evaluated by a use-case and a chunk of stress-tests to guarantee the functionality. The final result is a multiplatform network interface which provides the same application programming interface for each supported platform to reduce human and computational resources.