Bachelor's Thesis

Entwicklung einer modularen Baukasten-Software zur Erstellung von Multi-User-VR-Inhalten.


Katharina Ziolkowski

Processing Period:

26.11.2018 - 25.02.2019


VR has become a very important platform in many different fields of study. Since many of these fields deal in some way with human interactions, there is a growing need for the fast creation of multi-user-scenarios in VR. In this thesis I will develop a modular out-of-the-box toolkit that shall facilitate the development and implementation of a big variety of VR-games (and other media). This toolkit will build upon existing VR-toolkits, adding a networking-component and different ready-made solutions for interactions between players in VR, seeing that these are the two core elements of every multi-user VR-medium. In order to visualize the interactions better, I will implement additional evualuation modules, sothat developers may be able to analyse the data better. The toolkit will be designed in and for the Unity game engine because of its flexibility and popularity as well as good experiences in the past. As for the background knowledge I will introduce you to the technical fundamentals of networking and synchronization that are necessary for understanding and to the current research regarding human interactions in VR.