Master's Thesis

Evaluating the Impact of Virtual Performance Augmentation as a Motivator in an Immersive VR Exergame


Adrian Rygula

Processing Period:

03.02.2020 - 03.08.2020


A multitude of studies has shown that Exergames can have a positive effect on motivation and performance during physical exercise. Furthermore, VR Exergames show even higher increases in motivation and improved presence, as compared to non-VR exergames. So far little research has been conducted in the field of Virtual Performance Augmentation (VPA). In VPA, the player’s trained abilities are increased in the virtual environment, compared to their physical abilities. This thesis is intended to further examine the effect of VPA exergames on intrinsic motivation and performance, comparing it to non-VPA exergames. The goal is to develop a pair of grippers with controller functionality and to implement a VR exergame that uses said controllers. To enable a systematic comparison, game modes for VPA and non-VPA gameplay are to be implemented. After implementation, a study will be conducted to examine the effects of VPA.