Bachelor's Thesis

Exploring the influence of risk and interdependence on post-game trust building in digital multiplayer games


Ronja Rotthaler

Processing Period:

18.04.2017 - 18.07.2017


To allow for a better understanding of the exact influence of player interdependency and risk on post-game trust building in digital multiplayer games this thesis aims at creating a shared control testbed game. Shared control allows collective control on one game object by two or more players and thus offers various possibilities to create intensive and direct dependencies between two or more players. Therefore, it is used to examine the role of risk and interdependency in a more objective way than other game mechanics would allow. The developed game will implement several different modes that vary in the degree of player interdependency as well as mutual risk. Player interdependency describes the extent to which one player is able to influence the game state through his input and see the effect his input has on the game state without consideration of the other player. Risk describes the possibility of negative consequences deriving from one’s own input. Mutual risk consequently affects both players simultaneously as opposed to affecting only the player whose input it derives from. To validate the developed modes, a focus group evaluation will be conducted.