Bachelor's Thesis

VR-TSST 2.0: Extension and Improvement of a VR Stress Induction Paradigm


Jan Stefan Bewersdorff

Processing Period:

27.05.2019 - 22.08.2019


The Trier Social Stress Test is a traditionally used and empirically validated method to induce stress in psychological laboratory settings. Although being a valuable tool in stress research, the original protocol demands many resources and lacks replicability. Thus, the Entertainment Computing Group has developed a simulated version of the TSST presented in virtual reality and has demonstrated its validity and reliability. However, the TSST is commonly used to induce psychosocial stress once before or after another experimental intervention. However, it is the aim of this thesis to investigate the usefulness of this paradigm for repeated stress induction. Therefore, slight adaptations to the original version of the VR-TSST developed by the Entertainment Computing Group are necessary. Furthermore, an additional second part of the simulation has to be implemented.