Bachelor's Thesis

Ich fühle, also bin ich: Ein Konzept zur Ermittlung der Einflussfaktoren prosozialen Verhaltens im Spielkontext


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Processing Period:

29.08.2015 - 24.09.2015



This paper connects hitherto existing findings from psychology and informatics concerning cooperation and prosocial behaviour between humans, and on this basis develops a game-concept, to be used for further investigation of the influencing factors of prosocial actions in in-game-contexts. In this regard, the paper focuses especially on the effects of player-empathy on the retroactive effects of the player-avatar on the player – with emphasis on character and appearance of the digital representation. Furthermore, moderating influences, such as the effects of customising by the player, are examined. Different motivational factors are introduced as well as varied – these can be intrinsic or extrinsic and may even be combined with each other. The here presented game-concept allows the systematic variation of diverging motivational structures as well as the effects of the avatar on the player, to facilitate experimental research in the field of prosocial behaviour in an in-game-context. The prototype – developed to visualise an exemplified implementation of the concept – is based on the MDA-Framework and draws on current research concerning point-of-view and the effects of story-telling.