Bachelor's Thesis

Implementing a feedback system for self-evaluation in the context of a therapeutic assistance system


Daniel Kucharski

Processing Period:

04.09.2017 - 04.12.2017


Due to their motivating nature, exergames are a digital possibility to assist people with their physical rehabilitation. Since physical rehabilitation is mainly about elderly people who are mostly not familiar with digital games, appropriate design decisions must be considered to create a more motivating and effective experience for the user. As part of this thesis, an after-gameplay video feedback feature will be developed for the Therapy Assist project, which provides the user with information on his performance as well as possible corrections. The feature records certain game sequences, which will be shown after the corresponding gaming sessions accompanied by additional information. The feedback will be designed with regards to the target group and its learning ability. The major goal is to increase the intrinsic motivation and thus to optimize the skill acquisition to facilitate a rapid physical rehabilitation.