Bachelor's Thesis

Implicit vs. Explicit Biofeedback in Exergames


Leonie Sophie Georg

Processing Period:

09.05.2019 - 15.08.2019


This thesis investigates how implicit and explicit feedback influence subjects playing an exergame at a moderate training intensity. An existing exergame will be adapted for the needs of this study. On the technical side these adaptions include the integration of a chest strap and a controller which allows a manipulation of the game difficulty while playing. The content adaptions will include visual feedback variants for both feedback versions. The heartrate serves as the basis for both feedback variants. The implicit feedback will be provided through variation of the game environment and the explicit feedback will be visualized by displaying the current heartrate as a number. The players can decide freely if and how to manipulate the difficulty of the game. Following the technical adaptions, an empirical study investigates whether the feedback positively impacts the player’s behaviour and if differences between the feedback variants regarding the player’s motivation and performance can be evaluated