Bachelor's Thesis

Konzeption einer spielbasierten Online-Community für krebskranke Kinder


Eva Richert

Processing Period:

02.12.2009 - 10.02.2010


This thesis examines the needs of young people diagnosed with cancer. The goal is to give qualified suggestions for a game-based online community, which aims to lessen the effects and side effects of the illness - may they be psychological or physical - on children and adolescents. Those effects do not only influence the current condition but can also have long term effects on the life of the patients. Therefore, it is crucial to develop strategies that aim to lessen those negative effects in order to foster the quality of life of the patients. Many institutions use modern internet applications to support the patients and decrease their needs. Frequent goals of those websites are the diffusion of cancer relevant information and the creation of a supporting network for the patients and their families. Research has shown that computer games can assist the recovery and lessen the side effects of cancer. Based on text analysis, this article specifies needs of young people with cancer as well as  the qualities of cancer related children and adolescents websites and computer game genres. This article concludes by suggesting detailed features for a game-based online community for children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer. The presented concepts combine the advantages of role-playing games with those of adventure games completed by communication features such as live chats, user profiles, micro blogs and message boards. Additionally, further strategies to support the patients are being introduced, which should be focused on in newly concepted studies.       

Keywords: cancer, needs of children and adolescents with cancer, cancer treatments, communication features, online communities, computer game genres