Bachelor's Thesis

Lie down, relax, and play - VR Gaming in recumbent position


Tonja Kochanek

Processing Period:

28.11.2016 - 28.02.2017


Elements of this thesis are the conceptional design, implementation and evaluation of a virtual reality game. The game separates from preexisting VR-games, because it is being played in recumbent position. This offers the possibility to create new and exceptional game concepts. It is worthwhile to develop games that are being played recumbent, because it could help people to come through nightmarish situations such as in the MRT or be advantageous in the daily routine of the health sector, where people probably are not able to move themselves. Integrating respiration into the game concept could be beneficial, because this might work against poor ventilated lungs due to lying permanently and have positive impact on relaxation. For examination the game will be implemented for the Oculus Rift in two modes (recumbent and upright position). Hereby the direct comparison regarding the game experience between common upright and calm recumbent position is possible. Further on it is worthwhile to determine, whether positive emotions could be triggered by paying attention to cope the tasks and by encouraging relaxation. In general it is interesting, if the game could affect the subjective perception of time and chase away boredom or discomfort.