Master's Thesis

Playful transfer of knowledge in VR to reduce children’s anxiety in the MRI


Alexandra Schroeder

Processing Period:

25.05.2016 - 05.01.2017


The examination with an MRI, though it is not invasive, often leads to anxiety and stress in patients. Besides being unpleasant for both patients and hospital staff, it is possible that the examination needs to be terminated early, the results are not conclusive or the patient has to be sedated. Especially for children this situation is challenging.

Virtual Reality allows to combine different measures to support children in this regard, that have shown successful. Knowledge about the functions, the procedures and the purpose pertaining an examination by an MRI can be imparted playfully and using means of storytelling. In the meantime the child can adapt to the situation while navigating through a virtual equivalent of the surroundings as well as observing an examination of a virtual patient. Finally the child may decide to participate him- or herself in a virtual examination.