Master's Thesis

Promoting interpersonal skills in digital games for preventing bullying addressed to sick people


Andre Hellwig

Processing Period:

22.02.2016 - 22.08.2016



The goal of this master thesis is the development of a digital, cooperative multiplayer game to promote interpersonal skills. The effects of various medical conditions such as hematologic, oncologic or chronic diseases of a patient, are often difficult for outsiders to understand. This can lead to bullying due to the lack of empathic abilities towards the patient. The development of the digital game in this master thesis should foster interpersonal skills to therefore reduce bullying of patients. The game will be played by two players. Each player has an own screen and character to play the game. Both players are depending on each other and have to solve different scenarios in which bullying towards patients occurs or have to support each other in various stroke-related disabilities.

In a related study will be examined, what influence the developed multiplayer game has on increasing interpersonal skills such as empathic abilities.