Bachelor's Thesis

Räumliche Interaktion in einem 3D-Gaming Szenario


Julian van Lunteren


Processing Period:

13.01.2010 - 04.05.2010


With regard to the increased distribution of visual 3D support in the enduser market (e.g. Nvisio), follows the question concerning the implementation of 3D interface devices for games. This thesis reviews the use of 3D interface devices, in particular the Wii-Mote and the SpaceNavigator, in the context of game scenarios.

The goal is to analyse the use of 3D interface devices in the context of 3D adventure games to gain an insight into the use of 3D interaction as an interaction concept for games. For this purpose a prototypical scenario was implemented within the XNA framework. This scenario allows a 3D interaction, which can be performed with the SpaceNavigator or the Wii-Mote.

It is shown that 3D interaction within games, provided by 3D input devices, has great potential. In future works, this opportunity should be pursued, especially with regard to a universal use of the input devices.