Bachelor's Thesis

Social VR Gaming for the reduction of fear during medical examinations


Kai Marten

Processing Period:

02.11.2015 - 02.02.2016


The motivation for this thesis is to find solutions on how a patients well-being during medical checkups can be increased by the use of virtual environments. It is to proof that a virtual environment together with interaction with familiar persons can be a positive factor in reducing fear and stress. The main challenge will be to create a system that is intuitive and provides the patient with immersion to forget about his personal fears and can improve the whole checkup situation.
This thesis will try to find different conceptual approaches for designing games that can be played by patients during a medical checkup. Their family and friends can participate in the game and interact with the patient. The patient will wear a HMD (Oculus Rift) and the other players can play on their mobile phones or tablets. The first will be an analysis of the current situations and conditions in hospitals and ambulances. Existing games will be analyzed in the sense of a best practice-analysis. Finally, a prototype will be implemented that functions according to the developed design patterns.