Master's Thesis

The Influence of Mood-congruent Virtual Agents on the Social Connectedness and the Player Experience in a Cooperative VR Game.


Gian Luca Dossena


Processing Period:

21.11.2022 - 21.05.2023


Research has shown that individuals prefer other individuals who they perceive as being similar to themselves. This applies to the perception of general personal attributes, character traits, emotion, and mood. Individuals seem to prefer spending time with others in the same mood. Depressed people especially display a liking for other depressed people. Previous work has shown that humans tend to regard virtual characters as real emotional beings. Therefore, it could be assumed that this phenomenon also applies to digital characters and that individuals rate an interaction with a digital companion who is in the same mood as them differently than an interaction with a digital companion in a different mood. The goal of this work is the implementation of a cooperative Virtual Reality Game, which is played together with a digital companion whose mood is congruent/incongruent to the players' mood. The assumptions are then evaluated in a study.