Bachelor's Thesis

Visualization of wireless sensor networks in virtual reality


Sebastian Cmentowski

Processing Period:

21.12.2015 - 21.03.2016


This thesis examines the possibilities of virtual environments to visualize wireless sensor networks. State of the art for sensor networks is the use of tables and similar data structures to administrate the network or display the produced data. This is the opposite of user friendliness and natural user interfaces. The main task of the thesis is to determine if and in what degree a virtual environment can improve this situation. This is done in two parts – one implementing an administration & information interface for the single sensors and the other generating proper visualization of produced data – as for example temperature distribution in a room. To achieve these tasks an example room is displayed onto an Oculus Rift using the Unity3D engine.

This thesis is part of a cooperation between the Entertainment Computing Group and the department Embedded Systems (Prof. Gregor Schiele).