Bachelor's Thesis

VR for Kids - Entwicklung eines graduellen Interaktionskonzepts für kindgerechte Virtual Reality Applikationen


Jasmin Kirchhübel

Processing Period:

11.05.2015 - 30.09.2015


The Bachelor Thesis deals with an Interaction Design of a Virtual Reality (VR)-Application, which should be used for distraction of children in medical situations.

The goal is to identify if it is possible to combine different grades of interaction in a unified VR-application, so that this concept is imaginable for diverse medical attendances of children. Especially the aspects of immersion and presence, which are very important components of VR-systems, will be considered.

The thesis contains a target-group-specific requirement analysis with regard to VR-systems. Within a draft design for a VR-application the results of the analysis will be represented and afterwards implemented into a software-prototype. Possible operation scenarios of medical situations will be adduced to develop the required interaction design, which will contain the realization of different grades of interaction.

The prototype acts as the base for a sample analysis, which examines the aspects immersion and presence for the diverse grades of interaction of the VR-application. The results of the study should show to what extend it is possible to combine the different grades of interaction in one application, so that it can be effectively applied in medical treatments of children.